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The mango is a juicy stone fruit which consists of numerous tropical fruiting trees, which are cultivated mostly for edible fruit. In Guatemala the most popular cultivated variety is Tommy Atkins. In 2015 Antigua Processors plans to add Mango Puree Single Strength and Mango Puree Concentrate to its tropical product portfolio.

February – June


Product Overview

TThe following standard products are processed by Antigua Processors:

•  Mango puree “Ataulfo”
•  Mango puree “Tommy Atkins”
•  Mango puree concentrate “Tommy Atkins”

Both varieties stand for their smooth, fiber-free interior and standout flavour. We take special care to process only the mangoes with the appropriate ripeness stage, which independent from all varieties is the first step to produce a good quality of mango puree or puree concentrate.

Colour: deep orange
Taste: extraordinary sweet flavour

Tommy Atkins
Colour: light yellow
Taste: typical for fresh fruit



Aseptically packed in aseptic bags in open head steel drum with one additional poly bag

Net weight: 256 kg
Gross weight: 271 kg